Monday, October 17, 2011

International Review of Law

Qatar University College of Law is initiating many new functions to meet the goal of ABA standards in legal education. The effort is impressive considering the law faculty here dates back to 2005 and split from the College of Sharia only this year. In the past year the College of Law was visited by one ABA inspection team, an assessment team, and has a visiting professor on the Faculty employed by the ABA to advise the school. New initiatives here include a Legal Writing Centre, domestic violence clinic, Moot Court teams, library, and a new Dean for Research. Another first for the school is a law review called the International Review of Law. ( Announcement ) I will be the citation checker and on the board of editors.
We also are preparing for SACS accreditation! The University has implemented accreditation efforts in all colleges here with international accrediting agencies. Unlike SACS, the ABA does not accredit schools outside the US so meeting those standards is self-imposed.

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