Sunday, November 27, 2011

College of Law Updates

This week Qatar Univeristy will have a graduation over two days. The University stadium will be the location and the HS Emir will attend. I look forward to watching the ceremony and will wear a black Bisht with the faculty.

Also the College of Law made the local news this week with the opening of the first environmental and energy law center. Headed by Dr. Rudi this will be an important source of policy for the country that is the biggest producer of liquified natural gas in the world.


  1. Hi, Business setup in Qatar have always boasted about having a special relationship which now proves stronger than ever.Thanks....

  2. That’s good! I also want to be a part of a good law school and I practice a lot of LSAT Logic Games and question papers. I really want to become a successful lawyer, like my uncle and for that I know I need a lot of practice and feedback from good teachers. Anyways, this was informative.