Monday, January 16, 2012

The American Resource Center at Qatar University Library

The American Corner at QU Library is a special collection partly funded by the US Government since 2006. Americana titles in Jazz, Hollywood lore, US history, economics, and education are frequent subjects sent to us from the US embassy in Doha, Qatar. I learned there are more than 400 American corners in libraries across the world part of the Bureau of International Information Programs at the Department of State. My contact at the US Embassy here in Qatar with Praveen Menon, IRC Director , Public Affairs Section, was constructive and I am now being sent US Government documents and popular culture material. The purpose of the program is to ‘promote American voices’ at schools and colleges internationally. American corners cover the Globe and I noticed ‘Lincoln Corners’ in two libraries I visited in Malaysia recently under the same program. We will be expanding the American Corner in the new QU library building.

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