Monday, February 20, 2012

Collection Development

Our library move is complete and it is time to buy law books. The new library can accommodate a million volumes and we have a tenth of that currently. I worked all morning on a listing of books from Cornell University Law Library that I will be placing a QU purchase request for through Dawson, UK.  The slow mail from London means they will arrive in six weeks if I am lucky.
The list of books comes directly from Cornell and is part of a much larger book list. I am in the process of benchmarking our QU law collection against Cornell’s law collection with the help of Thomas Mills, Head of Collections at the Cornell Law Library.  Thomas and I have been working together and his team was kind enough to supply their collection list to us. The focus is on international law secondary sources for the last five years.
After speaking with Amrita, QU Head of Collections,  I am staggering the order process so that books can be acquired in manageable chunks rather than all at once. This assists in the cataloging, shipping, stacking of the books. I have approximately 35 titles in today’s ‘basket’ and  will place the request for approval later today or tomorrow in Dawson.
I think I will have almost two hundred titles, four hundred volumes,  based on the Cornell list in total divided into three or four baskets over the next two months. The QU library has a Men’s and Women’s collection so I buy two of everything in most cases.
I need more!

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