Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Practicing librarianship: mail call

Now that we are in the new QU library building I can order many more books than previously. I like personally sorting through the new acquisitions for the law library when I can. Without warning, every once in a while the books and journals ordered for the College of Law appear from the University mail room. The wrappers and envelopes are removed already and the items are placed in a box in no particular order, a practice which can make it a challenge to determine the sender and delivery date for our ILS system.  It is often difficult to predict receipt of items or place claims. There is no system of mail delivery or addresses for buildings in Qatar, except for PO boxes in a central GPO, so there is really no other option than the mail room.  Most of the books I order are from library supplier Dawson in the UK. I have a long list of books to order but place about forty at a time to stagger their arrival so the acquisitions process is not overwhelmed. The average time of arrival of a book from Dawson is six weeks. Very slow. It is worth the wait , however.
Here is the most recent book box and a few example bilingual law journals.

Law Journal from Bahrain (Islamic date of 1432)

Qatar Law Journal

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