Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A week on the job as QU law librarian with a Royal visit

How I spent my week: Teaching dominated the week with five one hour lab sessions of Legal Research and Writing. The classes use primarily Westlaw International to find US cases in tort subjects such as IIED and defamation required for the open memos - very similar to any law school legal writing program.  On Tuesday, Qatari Royalty was touring the new library and we had a spontaneous drop-in by Sheikha Moza in one of my classes. She joined us for a Westlaw session in the new instructional lab for about a minute. I was teaching IIED searches in cases and she seemed entertained. A TV crew was following her and I hope to get a clip. Also, the International Review of Law (IRL) and two law faculty asked for citation checking and sourcing for articles so I am working on this after teaching. We use ALWD here at the College of Law and I am liking this citation style more than I ever thought I would after years of working with ‘Bluebook’ law schools, journals and law reviews. The IRL is close to finalizing the first issue of the new journal so we are anticipating great things. Additionally, law students are asking right now for access to primary materials in English, particularly the Qatari copyright code and treaties relating to domestic violence protection from countries in the region including Jordon, Egypt and Turkey.  I am recommending Eastlaws and UNESCO databases for these research requests. QU law is in the process of drafting model legislation for domestic violence and I am glad to help as I can. Lastly, this weekend I will attend the Qatar Law Forum on the Rule of Law  (May 4-6th, 2012).  This event is international in scope and law school Deans, Judges, Lawyers, and Government Officials are attendees/presenters. For example, the Prime Minister of Qatar is giving a plenary talk at the conference on Sunday. I look forward to seeing Lord Woolf again and meeting new people.

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